Beauty Cottage Les Debutantes collection


OK continuing from the previous blog, which I owe you my review of the Beauty Cottage Les Debutantes Silky Soft Lip Fix.

Im also gonna include some other goodies from the brand as well, like the Cushion Blusher and the Mineral Cushion. So read on!


First, the liquid lipsticks. I gotta say, the shades really go well with the product name. They have a vintage-y feel to it

The shades are:

1. Sexy Nude – Mauve Nude


2. Pink Crush – Barbie Pink


3. Vintage Brown – Orangy brown nude


4. Classic Brown, a dark nude brown that looks so classic (THIS IS SUPER GORGEOUS I wore this last Saturday and got compliments)


5. Wine Berry – Dark Red



The formula is amazing! Comfortable to wear, and lasted all day. This even lasted through two naps and a lunch. The color goes on opaque, and is such a classic selection of shades.

Below are the swatches!



Next up are the Cushion blushes. I got 3 shades to show you,  1. Peony Pink 2. Lively Rouge 3. Orange Charm

These function like liquid blushers, but they are more of a stain than a cream. This prevents them melting in the humid weather, and is very suitable for the tropical climate. I brush a powder over this, and it gives me a nice flush. I prefer to dush a powder blusher over this in case the color isn’t dark enough, rather than risk looking like a red nosed baboon.

Closeups and swatches below!

1. Peony Pink 2. Lively Rouge 3. Orange Charm

1. Peony Pink 2. Lively Rouge 3. Orange Charm

2. Lively Rouge

2. Lively Rouge

1. Peony Pink 2. Lively Rouge 3. Orange Charm

1. Peony Pink 2. Lively Rouge 3. Orange Charm



Next, the Precious Mineral Cushion. I’ve tried a gazillion cushions, and I think the best thing about this is the shade range. It’s very suitable to darker Asian skintones. Most Korean/Japanese brands are too white and pink toned, white we Thais are more brown/yellow toned. This cushion solves that problem perfectly. I use No.01 on my tanned days, so those of you with alabaster skin wont be able to use this. But for the rest of us, yay to darker cushions!



Lastly, the Trio Brow Kit. This is a powder compact with 3 brow tones in a super cute compact. Also a very affordable price.



I love these stores cause The Beauty Cottage store has a nature theme, like their product ingredients, and has a vintage deco. Love the deco.

On another note, I work full time as a financial analyst, and I happen to cover this company’s stock. Not often do I get to work on something I love in real life!

Well BEAUTY stock has performed amazingly well, doubling in less than a year. I think the good product quality really does make a difference.