Hi, my name is Peach.

I'm a make-up lover, although I wouldn't consider myself a good makeup artist. I can put makeup on myself and look presentable, but I'm not sure if it’s a good idea if I do your make-up. But I love giving advice and writing product reviews. And that's how I came to start this blog. Share our love for make-up and help people decide on what to splurge on.

I studied finance and work in the financial field, but my love for make-up couldn't keep me away from being a make-up hauler. Makeup has been keeping me sane since I started work, and hey, who says nerds can’t look beautiful?


A brief history

At first I started blogging on Instagram for convenience, but later figured out that it can't hold all the photos of swatches, so I’ve decided to start this blog to give you in-depth details of all the products.