Son&Park Beauty Water and Beauty Filter Cream review


Finally I had the time to write a review of all my Son and Park products.

But first of all, let me introduce you to the brand. I first got to know this brand from social media, and this brand is marketed in western markets, but I have not been familiar of it before. So I did some researching. Unlike some brands marketed as Korean Beauty while not being popular in Korea (Saturday Skin for example), Son and Park actually started in Korea and is quite popular. The founders are Korean celebrity makeup artists, and they are of course experts in Korean skincare beauty. I really like the origin of the brand.

I now have 3 products, which I will review inthis post.


Firs up, the famous the Son&Park Beauty Water. I think many of you have prolly seen this on Social Media and on the Sephora website, but you might be wondering what exactly is it? It’s a multi-functional water that can be used to clean the skin, in place of a toner, a face mist, or a refreshener. I love using it as a refreshener during the day when I’m not wearing makeup. I used this all day during days when I’m sick haha. I love the herby/floral scent and the formula when it’s on my skin. Have you of you tried it?


Second, the Beauty Filter Cream Glow, and I gotta say I effing love it! I’ve had this for a while but somehow delayed trying it cause I wanted to finish my Drunk Elephant Hydrating Gel first.


At first I thought this cream was a night cream, but oh my I was so wrong. There are very fine pearls in this, so you can’t wear it to bed. The fine pearls really brightens up my face when I applied it on, and the cream is absorbed into my skin very quickly. No greasiness or oiliness left whatsoever. This is so perfect for a humid climate. Love it, it’s my new morning cream!


Lastly, the Son and Park Strobing Base. This works well as a base, with very fine holographic pearls that really brightens up the skin.


If you look at my hand swatch, you can see that brightening effect. It does not make my skin oily or whitish whatsoever, my skin just looks brighter and a bit paler (which is the Asian trend). Mixing it with foundation doesn’t really work though, cause it’s quite light and doesn’t really make a difference. Best used as a face base.

Overall, if you’re looking for a face brightener, this is a good option.