Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette review and swatches


I think this was one of the most anticipated palettes of 2017, and probably one of the most let down for some. Some reviews were horrendous, and i've heard so many complaints. Nontheless, here I am reveiwing it which means I bought it anyways. So here's my opinion.

When I saw promo photos of this palette online, I was so awed by hoe beautiful it is. Beautiful as in its like art. A piece of art. I didnt even cared if it looks good on me or not. I just had to have it.

I finally had the courage to swatch this baby. Initial thoughts: the pigment is good, it blends well and I like the heavy pigmentation. The shades are very unique, I don’t have them in my collection. But some shades, like Mercury, shattered when I pressed on it. After that I had to press super soft on the other shades. I think if Anastasia could fix this issue, it would be quite a good palette.

I still recommend it for those who don’t already have the shade range in their collection.


See what I'm talking about? The pigments shattered miserably.

Swatches look good though. Very unique from my collection. I prolle wont get to use this often, but when I do, I know i'll rock it. My favourite shade is definitely Adorn!


Closeups of the left side. Adorn is such a gorgeous shade.


Closeup of the right side. I think every shade here is unique. It's almost like art. Difficult to wear, but just looking at them makes me drool haha.


That's it guys, any comments on wether you'll get it or if you got it already?

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