My Chantecaille stash review.


Hello guys! Today I'm gonna share with you my stash from Chantecaille. I spend quite some time collection all these as they're not available where I live and i had to accumulate them whenever I go abroad or when someone I know goes abroad. I just love their sleek packaging and the super high quality products. I've never been disappointed with anything from them yet.

Right now I've got the Lip Chics, lipstick, eyeshadow palettes, HD Perfecting powder, loosepowder. And im looking forward to trying their tinted moisteruzer and foundation! Ive youve tried them, please comment on your opinions!


First up are the Lip Chics. I initially had 2 shades Anais and Primrose and I knew I had to get more. I usually steer away from sheer lipsticks, but this one is super special!

The formula is a bit sticky but feels super moisturizing and it stays. Most sheer lipsticks fade away as soon as I take a sip of water but this stuff doesn’t. It’s a formula you all need! I've been wearing Amour to work for a month and it looks amazing and make me look more "alive" when I'm sleep deprived.

I got shades: Primrose, Anais, Daphne, Patience, Amour, Noctourne, Mandarin, and the last one is the lipstick in Sunset.




Next up is the HD Perfecting powder. I debated for so long about getting this because its so expensive. But i finally gave in and ordered one to try.  Ive been testing this baby the past week and I'm pleased to say I does live up to the high price tag. However, I still think paying this much for a pressed powder is a bit too much if I'm gonna use it everyday. I would say it's for those special days where you need extra hampering (like a getaway trip).



The Protect the Lions palette was the first item I got from Chantecaille, as I was hooked at hoe pretty it is the first time i saw it! Took me a while to finally acquire it and no regrets! The shimmers are super fine and the cause makes it even more worth it. Chantecaille campaigns for our environment and every year they come out with a new palette inspired by a species in need. This palette from 2016 was for the protection of Lions. I'm waiting for their new palette for 2017!



The eyeshadow duo in Granc Canal. The left is a kakhi green and the right shade is a shimmery champagne. I have to say, they're completely worth the hefty price tag. Very finely milled, micro shimmers, just so beautiful.


The eyeshadow duo in Gardens of Marrakech. The left is a shimmering light brownand the right shade is a soft lilac. When mixed together, they looks absolutely stunnning!.


On to the swatches!


Finally the Galactic lip gloss. I love how non-sticky it is. The color is a shifty-pearly galactic feel, and plumps my lips. I’m in love with everything Chantecaille does!