My Jo Malone addiction


Hello guys today I’m here to share with you my complete Jo Malone perfume collection. I love how the fragrances are designed to be combined, and all have a very natural scent, not artificial. My absolute favourite is obviously English Pear and Freesia, I’m already o my second bottle! Somehow it goes superb with my skin chemistry. Absolute perfection.


Next I have Earl Grey&Cucumber, which the sales lady taught me it layer it with Red Roses. I’d say each scent on its own is nice, but better combined (but this is only my personal opinion), so sure pop in to test them yourself first.



Then I recently acquired 2 limited editions from the Bloomsbury set in Leather&Artemesia and Whisky&Cedarwood. Leather &Artemesia has a woody floral scent, and Whisky&Cedarwood is full on woody. I just looove whisky&cedarwood right now and it’s my new woody favourite!



Then I got my first ever Cologne Intense in Oud&Bergamot. Bergamot has always been my favourite scent, I always put it in my aroma diffuser. And Oud is like the best ingredient for darker scents. I initially debated between this and @tomford Our Wood but this one is more wearable on a daily basis. Tom Ford Our Wood is a bit too dark for the office. These are black bottles, instead of the normal clear bottles, and are also more expensive. I also eyed the Amber&Patchuali, at the same time but decided to start with one at first.



And recently I grabbed the airport exclusive Silk Blossom. This was one of three “Blossoms” scents to choose from, each with a different colored cap. This one is a very feminine fruity scent that can go no wrong. Perfect for everyday.



And finally, I managed to seek out this perfume at the Bangkok dutyfree, the last 3 left! Ever since I found out it’s being discontinued, I just had to buy one. Im a fan of woody scents so this Amber&Patchouli is just perfect. Unfortunately the 50ml bottle is sold out and I had to suck it up and buy the 100ml instead. Hopefully they wont release this back or I’ll be pretty pissed I bought this one.



I’m looking forward to add Sage&Seasalt, since I got it as a tester and loved it!

So there you have it, does anyone have a Jo Malone addiction like I do?