Tips on how to survive a tropical climate


OK Today I’m gonna show you what I bring with me on “hot” trips, meaning trips that require me to stay in the sun and the weather is burning hot. (I’ll do a separate blog on my Europe travel essentials). Last week I did two trips to a Unesco World Heritage site which is a ruins, in the hot burning Thailand sun. So I got this idea to write a blog about which items I use to combat the sun and the humidity.

First of all, sunscreen is a must. Staying in the Bangkok sun for 10 mins can turn you 1-2 shades darker (and then you’ll need to buy new foundation). But the sunscreen shouldn’t be too oily, cause then it’ll just oil up your face. Also, the sunscreen shouldn’t be too white or you’ll just look ghostly in photos. The SPF should be higher than 30 (so it lasts till the afternoon), many brands now do spf40 or spf50 especially for the Asian market, so check them out.

My pick: Chanel LeBlanc facebase with sunscreen spf30 p.a.+++ . I take this bottle with me on every trip. The base dries non oily, give a lovely glow, and the bottle is super compact and easy to carry around. It has a “sunscreen” small which is kinda unavoidable, but it also has a bit of the Chanel scent, which I adore. It does not leave a white residue, but give a brightened glowy look.

Honourable mentions: Etude House CC Cushion, Sunkiller, KOSE, THREE

Chanel Perfection Lumeire Velvet foundation and Le Blanc base

Chanel Perfection Lumeire Velvet foundation and Le Blanc base


Second, you need MATTE foundation. As in MATTE. Cause the minute you step out the door you’ll be covered in sweat and anything matte will turn dewy. Anything dewy will turn into a lump of shine.

My pick: Chanel Perfection Lumeire velvet foundation. This black bottle is what I call matte in a bottle. It applies as a liquid and dries completely matte. If I didn’t live in Thailand, I wouldn’t even set power on it. There are limited shades to choose from though (6 from my understanding). But if you find the right shade, it’s the god of matte.

Honourable mentions: Hourglass Immaculate foundation, Urban Decay All Nighter liquid foundation


Third, you need to set powder on your foundation. A mattifying powder is needed if your foundation isn’t matte.

But I prefer to set my foundation with something that’s a bit glowy, so I look dazzling in photos.

My picks: Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Diffused light. It brightens up my face, give a glow, and stays till evening!

Honourable mentions: Bare minerals Illuminating Mineral Veil, Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder, Chantecaille HD Perfecting Powder, Make Up Store setting powder.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Diffused light

Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Diffused light

Chantecaille HD Perfecting powder

Chantecaille HD Perfecting powder

Choice of blush, bronzer, and highlighters are up to you.


Fourth, you need eye primer or your sweat will run into your eyes and smear every damn thing you just piled on your lidd

My Pick: Urban Decay Potion Primer. This one is matte, which should reduce shine throughout the day as well.


Fifth, your mascara needs to be waterproof! Why? Because if your face is sweaty, your mascara will smear the under of your eyes and you’’ look like a panda in photos.

My pick: None. Any waterproof mascara will do. Choose the one that best fits you.


Sixth, I prefer matte lips, and no gloss. Why? Cause in this heat you’ll be drinking tons of water a glosses will just smear your water bottle. Also, holidaying outside will mean wind. Lots of wind. Which will get stuck to your gloss. So keep it for the office or strolling in the malls, lets stick to matte for now.

My Pick: Tom Ford matte lipstick. So many shade to choose from. From nudes to plums to reds. You can never go wrong with Tom Ford. Also his matte formula doesn’t dry out my lips, and it stays. My personal favourite are shades : First Time, Velvet Cherry, Dylan, Nicholas, Bradley.

Honourable mentions: NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks, HUDA liquid lipsticks, Urban Decay Comfort matte lipsticks



Lastly, you need to SET YOUR MAKEUP WITH SETTING SPRAY. This step is a MUST, if you want to survive the humidity. I never cared about setting sprays, and only started using it, and I’ve noticed a big difference. My face stays matte all day, makeup doesn’t fade, and I look great in photos.

My pick: Urban Decay De-slick makeup setting spray. This one has a smell I didn’t like, but it performs perfectly. Everything I needed to look pristine all day.

Urban Decay De-slick makeup setting spray

Urban Decay De-slick makeup setting spray

So there you have it, my foolproof way of staying pretty in photos even your sweating so bad your bra is drenched. Most of you prolyl have never experienced this, but just in case you decide to visit someplace this hot and humid (like Thailand, Cambodia, India, or Singapore), don’t forget these tips. J Oh and don’t forget! Prepare your nails for the trip! Paint bold colors so they show up in photos

That's me on an elephant anyways hehe

That's me on an elephant anyways hehe