Toofaced Peaches And Cream Collection Reviews and Swatches


Hello everyone, today’s review is on Toofaced’s collection named after me. Yes he named them after me. The Toofaced Peaches and Cream collection!

I know this launched in the US a couple of months ago, but my good friend Annie just brought them back to Thailand for me. Thanks a lot love!

I knew I needed this in my life when I heard Toofaced was coming out with a new Peach collection ( I love last year’s eyeshadow palette and bronzer!).

This line completes the whole base makeup range, starting with primer, foundation, loose powder, Blur setting powder, bronzer, and a setting spray.

Well, I got everything. Everything. OK I may not have bought all the shades of the lipstick, but apart from that, its everything haha.

So read on for individual reviews!


First of all, this collection boasts the oil-control, cooling theme. This is perfect since I live in  tropical humid climate and matte stuff are very welcome here. After trying them, I must say they really do live up to the claim.




Primed and Peachy Cooling matte perfecting primer infused with peach and sweet fig cream.


I applied this after my day serum. The formula has a lot of silicone, you can actually feel it in the cream, but that doesn’t bother me. It also has that matte feeling with you spread it on your face. It’s not as slippery as Benefit PoreFessional, but less sticky than Fenty Beauty’s primer. I’d say its perfectly in the middle, and it’s great. Fenty Beauty really mattifies my face, but its got that uncomfortable feeling of having a canvas on my face (althought it is great if I’m going out on an outing outdoors). This Peach primer does that too but on a lower level, so it’s great for everyday use. It’s also got a good amount of silicones that actually smotthes out my pores. Last of all, the cooling sensation isn’t as much as I hoped. I wouldn’t say that it’s cooling (like some menthol products), but its more of a “refreshing” sensation. Overall, love!


Peach Perfect Foundation

I applied this right after the primer with a foundation brush.The formula is runny, and one pump wasn’t enough to cover my whole face (which was weird cause I usually use one pump). But the coverage was good, medium to full coverage. The runny-ness allows you to thicking it up if you want more coverage. The shade range is decent, but nothing jaw breaking like Fenty beauty’s foundation line. Overall,  I think it’s a nice foundation, but nothing revolutionary.


Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder

I dust this over my face after I let the Peach foundation set. I gotta say, I think the packaging is really cute and sturdy, and the lid allowd the powder not to fall around. However, I’m not sure how I can shake out the powder and not make a bit of a mess on the lid. Yes the lid keeps the powder in, but if I wanna use it, I’ll have to shake them out. Not sure how this was intended to be used . . .


But apart form that, it’s great! Ive always complained that Toofaced products have a fake scent to them (last year’s collection had a really fake peach scent). But this whole collection has none of it! Instead, it’s a “cool peach” scent, that’s so refreshing and really brigtens up my morning routine. I am not kidding. These really do smell good (at least to me).



The Peach Blur Translucent Smoothing Finishing Powder. 

I haven't dug into this yet, but first impression is it's got a nice Peach scent. I think I'll be able to use this for touchups, as I can see it's sure gonna work great as a face brightener.

Isn't the Peach pattern the cutest?


Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer.

I was hesitant to grab this, as I’m no fan of shimmering bronzers, but I immediately changed my mind when I saw the swatches by a fellow instragrammer. It’s got this really pretty sheen to it, that really makes my face look healthy. The embrossing in the compact is also too cute to pass.



Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray. To be honest I ordered this by mistake, cause I didn’t want another setting spray (I’m nowhere near finishing my Urban Decay De-Slick spray). But since I already ordered it, Imma use it lol.

The best thing about this spray is the scent! Ive always hace the problem with a bad scent from UD (it really does small like something gone bad), but this spray fized that problem completely! Love the scent in this one. Performance wise, it did make my makeup last longer! So this was a great accidental purchase!


So did anyone of you buy this new Peaches and Crean collection as well? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Also stay tuned for the next post, on the Toofaced Peach Kiss Lipsticks Reviews and swatches!