Tomford Private Eyeshadows


Finally decided to pick up these TomFord Private Eyeshadows. I got 4 shades, 01 Camera Obscura, 05 Emerald Sun, 06 Black Onyx all in the Pailette formula (glitter), and one Sateen finish in shade Smoked Opaline. Ther are actually 5 finishes available, but I'm not a matte/satin lover, so I went for the shimmery and glittery ones.


The finishes are 1. Ultra Suede - intense matte 2. Suede - matte witn hints of pearl 3.Sateen - pearl luster finish 4. Vinyl Peal shades with metallic chrome finish 5. Paillette peal shades with sequin glitter.


First up is the TomFord Private Eyeshadowsin shade in Smoked Opaline. This was the shade Ive been looking for since forever! I have a similar shade in a cream formula, the Charlotte Tilbury cream eyeshadow in Verushka and it’s my most used cream eyeshadow to date. So to find a powder version of this is just a dream come true!



Next is shade 05 Emerald Sun! This is a Pailette texture (tomford’s way of saying glittery).  I’m a huge fan of green eyeshadows, and I love Tom Ford glitter shades, so this shade was a no brainer!


Next is shade 06 Black Onyx! This isalso  a Pailette texture (tomford’s way of saying glittery). I always do a Smokey eye to make my small eyes look bigger, and I love Tom Ford’s glitter stuff. No way I’m gonna miss out on this one.


Lastly is shade 01 Camera Obscura! This is another Pailette texture (tomford’s way of saying glittery). Love purply shifts, so this one is a must for me!


Did anyome pick any of these babies up?