Which is the best mascara?

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The best mascara for your look

There’s no doubt about it — mascara is a key component of the perfect party look. With so many holiday gatherings coming up, it’s important to find the best formula for your needs. The team at Reviews.com has determined which factors are most important when choosing the best mascara for you:


All mascaras have catchy names and guarantees of long lashes to create sultry, beautiful eyes. Ultimately, all mascaras will have the same basic ingredients, so there are few that truly stand out from the crowd. All formulas include pigments to darken, polymer to coat, preservatives to keep them fresh, and thickeners for volume. The key is to determine which extra ingredients are best for what you’re looking to accomplish.

Looking for thick, curly lashes? Try a mascara that includes a resin (like wax), which lifts and bends lashes.

Looking for longer lashes? Check out a formula that uses nylon fibers to extend your regular eyelashes.

Do you need a waterproof formula? So often we think that mascaras that stand up to water are better overall — though this isn’t necessarily true. Waterproof mascara is oil-based, meaning that it stays in place through sweat and tears. However, when it comes in contact with other oil-based products (like foundation), they can be especially susceptible to smudging. Waterproof mascara is also known to be damaging to eyelashes and can make them fall out, so keep your use minimal. If you find that you absolutely need to opt for waterproof, try using a non-waterproof formula underneath as a means by which to protect your lashes.


Just as important as finding the right formula is using it properly! 

For thicker, fuller lashes, many people opt for two layers of mascara. This is a great strategy, but make sure you apply the second layer before the first one has time to dry. This will reduce the likelihood of your mascara flaking. For those who like to use a waterproof formula, using a non-waterproof product underneath can help prevent damage to your lashes.
Eye makeup comes first. How many times have you been putting the finishing touches on your eye makeup, just to smudge it all over your newly-applied foundation and powder? By doing eye makeup first, there is virtually no opportunity for smudges to happen!
Wiggle that brush! For an even coat that helps to lift and separate, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the brush upward for best results (and to avoid clumping).
Toss it out. Mascara has a lifespan of about 6 months, so be sure to get rid of it after that mark. This reduces the likelihood that harmful bacteria can grow and thrive in the tube.
Sharing is NOT caring. All eye makeup is for personal use only — mascara especially. Sharing allows for the passage of germs from person to person, so be sure you’re only using your own products.

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What's My Favourite mascara?:

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara

Whenever anyone asks which mascara to buy, I always throw the Benefit They're Real mascara at them. If anyone doesn't like it, I then I think they dont deserve mascaca. This thing never disappoints, long thick lashes, that last all day. The wand makes it super easy to separate each lash, and is also great for doing the lower lashes. I've recommended it to so many people, and they've given me great feedback. Ive also got compliments when I wore this on my vacation too.

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