Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Limited Edition


Finally got my hands on the @esteelauder x @victoriabeckham collection. I'm also eyeing the eyeshadows but they're not available for sale yet, weird. 🍑 But let me just say the Modern Mercury highlighter is phenomenal! It's such a pretty rose gold highlighter, close to @tomford Moodlight. I'll post comparison swatches soon. The highlighter is worth the price, but I don't think the lipstick is. OK the color is super pretty, but this feels like a mini lipstick rather than a special limited edition. I'll wait and see if the eyeshadows are worth it.


I did some comparisons for the @esteelauder x @victoriabeckham Modern Mercury palette. The closest is @tomford Moodlight (top) although VB leans more pink. Third is @beccacosmetics Opal and fourth is Becca Rose Quartz.