Tatcha Ritual Discovery Set


Tatcha Ritual Discovery Set. I've finally tried this and I gotta say the results aren't so good as I hoped. Ok let's start with the good stuff. The classic Enzyme powder is actually a very nice and gentle exfoliator and it also feels natural. I liked how my face feels after using it. For the pure Camilla cleansing oil, I'd say it's an OK cleansing oil but no "wow!" factor. It's not enough to topThree cosmetics balancing cleansing oil that I'm currently using. But that's ok cause now I have a bottle of cleansing oil for traveling. 🍑 Now to the bad part, the serum and the cream. At first everything was fine, I put on the serum followed by the cream. Then, I can feel my skin tickling, which is my reaction towards alcohol. I should have known, this stuff has got too much alcohol, too much for my skin to bear. So ladies, if you're allergic to alcohol, stay away from this! To those of you who can tolerate a bit more alcohol, I actually like the texture of the serum and the gel cream.