Tom Ford Lipstick shade extensions for 2017


So, this blog is all about the new Tom Ford lipsticks shade extensions for 2017 which includes 40 shades in their cream formula, and 10 in the matte formula, a total of 50 shades. That makes 106 new shades in 2017 alone (50 new Girls, and 6 new boys). I think Mr.Ford has got a lot of spare time this year! ;)

Which is a great thing for Tomford addicts like me, I looooooove his lipsticks and the prospect of new shades made me so excited! However it is a disaster for my wallet, literally.

So here’s what happened, I picked up 3 from the airport (even without trying them) because the testers haven’t arrived yet. But I can tell that I’m gonna love them anyhow. These were Paper Doll, Spiced Honey, and Autoerotique.

Paper Doll is a soft pink, similar to Pink Dust but has a more Barbie feel to it.

Paper Doll

Paper Doll

Spiced Honey is a beige nude, perfect nude for warm tones.

Spiced Honey

Spiced Honey

Autoerotique is my fave from the new launches. It’s a MLBB nude that leans a but corally brown, super wearable.



And stupid enough, I bought a second Paper Doll lipstick from Hongkong, because well I was stupid and couldn’t remember the shade names I had already bought (I was in a hurry at the airport). So yea I’m left with a spare Paper Doll, hmmm thinking of doing a giveaway . . . 


And . . .can you believe it. I just snagged 3 more from the Tom Ford lipstick shade extensions from the counter downtown. No surprise, since I’m a TomFord worshipper. Now I have 6 of the new shades. The newest 3 that I got last week are Erogenous (cream), Vermillionaire (cream), and Age of Consent (matte).  I can’t believe I didn’t pick up Erogenous earlier, until I saw @thebeautylookbook review them on her blog and, I knew I has missed out big time. So last week when I visited the mall, I picked it up. I also snagged one of the new matte shade in Age of Consent, it’s a muted corally pink, perfect for everyday wear. Lastly was Vermillion, I didn’t mean to get it, but the bright orange is something unique to my collection, so bye bye money. Below are closeups of Erogenous (cream), Vermillionaire (cream), and Age of Consent (matte).  





Age of Consent

Age of Consent

Overall, I think the new shades really compliments the existing line. There are many more nudes, more vivid colors, and many more dark ones. I especially love the shocking pinks and oranges, and a lot of the mauve based reds.

If you are curious about my Tom Ford lipstick collection, I suggest you check out the blogpost below. I did swatches of ALL the Tom Ford lipsticks I own (including the full sized ones and Lips and Boys as well).

I also did swatches of all the shades from the counter. Apologies for the miserable lighting, I tried to get the best out of it. First 40 are the cream formulas, and the last 10 the matte formula. I am also missing 2 shades from the cream formula because they weren’t yet available at the counter.

So off we go!



The first set are all nudes. And these are SUPER GORGEOUS. I think they are very similar to the Lips and Girls, but with less shimmer. Many of these nudes are very natural looking, and they enhance my natural lip color. I tried on most of them, and had to decide between 4-5, ended up having 2.

56. Naked Ambition

57. Spiced Honey

58. All Mine

59. Erogenous

60. Bad Lieutenant

60.Open Kimono

62. Satin Chic




64. Autoerotique

65. Magnetic Attraction

66. Paper Doll

67. Pretty Persuasive

68. Sugar Glider

69.Night Mauve (this one is suuuuper gorgeous!)

70. Adora

71. Contempt (such a gorgeous peachy orange!)



72. Sweet Tempest

73. Vermillionaire

75. Jasmin Rouge (named after the perfume!)

76. Original Sin

77. Dangerous Beauty

78.Love Crime

79. Discretion



80. Impassioned

81. Near Dark

82. After Dark


84. Exotica

85. Foxfire

87. Playgirl



Next are the 10 matte shades. They're all on the bottom row.


41. heavenly Creature 

32. Deceiver

33. Universal Appeal

34. Wicked Ways

35. Age of Consent


  36. The Perfect Kiss 

37. Best Revenge

38. Night Porter

39. In Deep

40. Fetishest